Thursday, January 27, 2011

Library Day in the Life Round 6 - Day 4

This post is written for Round 6 of the Library Day in the Life project where librarians across the world share details of their daily activities. 

Today started with a flurry of activity (no pun intended) due to last night's snow storm.  I woke up to find my cable was out which added a small wrinkle to my plan to work from home today.  I decided to wait it out and tried to figure out how to make my blackberry a modem for my laptop.  Luckily the cable was restored just as I was starting to figure out the modem directions I had found.

First up today was compiling more HERMES statistics and sending off an email to my colleague Kee would will compile the rest of the week's statistics over the weekend and send to News Management.

Next up was reviewing the comments made by the developers on the items that are in this release for Artemis.  It's exciting and nerve-wracking to see things coming together. As I've said in previous posts, NPR has many metadata fields and it's hard to capture them in a clean and simple interface.

I jumped onto a webinar hosted by Createsphere this afternoon regarding how to find key assets in your digital asset management system.  While Createsphere's content is geared more for IT and content managers, I have found we can easily apply the content to Library ILS systems as well.  Unfortunately the webinar wasn't that interesting and I decided to jump off and catch up with the archived audio later this week.

Just recently we've decided to hold status meetings twice a week for the Artemis project.  I had a quick 15 minute call with the team and did some follow-ups from the meeting.

The last part of my day was working on my cataloging backlog.  I wasn't able to get as much done because I'm on a laptop at home, but I did find a few stories that were interesting:
Best part of the day was working alongside of my fiance.  It was nice to have little conversations here and there in person and not over email.

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