Monday, August 31, 2009

Twenty Six - Now Face to Face - Karleen Kohn

Barbara, Countess Devane, travels to Virginia after her husband Roger is killed. She adjusts to life in Virginia and works hard to know every part of the land on her grandmother's estate. She becomes good friends with Colonel Perry - her neighbor and fast enemies with Captain Bolling who used to own the estate. She flirts and shares a passionate kiss with Klaus, the Captain's nephew by marriage.

Back in England a plot to overthrow George I continues led by Slane for James III. Slane convinces the Bishop of Rochester to join the Jacobites in preparing for the invasion. George I's minister Robert Walpole "Robin" has the bishop and a few others locked up in the Tower while trying to prove they are supporting the invasion. The Duchess. Barbara's grandmother, sends letters to Barbara asking her to return to London to help clear the family's name after Tony duels and kills a person over Barbara's honor.

Barbara returns to London and is shocked to hear about the plot to overthrow the King. She is even more shocked to see Slane who she had a tryst with in Italy. She finds out that Robin used Roger her husband as a scapegoat for the South Sea Bubble scandal. She vows to bring him down and help the Jacobites with their invasion.

Kohn, Karleen. Now Face to Face. Three Rivers Post (2008). 734 pages. ISBN 0307406083.
This book was probably the best historical fiction I've read in the past couple of months. I liked having part of the story occur in Virginia. The ending was not the greatest and actually had two alternatives. I really like Karleen's writing style and I can't wait to see what she writes next.

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