Monday, August 31, 2009

Twenty Seven - The Assassin - Stephen Coonts

Huntington Winchester's son is killed in Iraq. He forms a group of wealthy financiers to help fund an "army" of killers to take out known terrorists. The President sends Jake Grafton to help Winchester. Jake enlists Tommy Carmellini to help him with the request.

While Grafton and Carmellini are trying to get to Abu Qasim, he is having each of the group of 7 financiers killed off one by one. Marisa, Abu Qasim's supposedly daughter, betrays Tommy's confidence and leads Abu and his assassin to where some of the group is hiding. In the end, Marisa ends up killing Abu when he comes disguised to a fundraiser for the President.

Coonts, Stephen. The Assassin. St. Martin's Paperbacks (2009). 512 pages. ISBN 031299446X
Great book! I could not put it down and the thriller aspect as very prevelant because I had a hard time walking into an empty and dark place.

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