Monday, August 31, 2009

Twenty Five - First Daughter - Eric Van Lustbader

The president-elect's daughter, Alli, is kidnapped two days before his inauguration. Jack McClure is asked to help investigate the kidnapping. Jack's daughter, Emma, went to boarding school with Alli. Emma was killed a year ago in a car crash. Jack tried to investigate the cause of the crash and was unable to determine the cause.

It is assumed that a religious faction - E-Two, the Second Enlightenment, is the group responsible for Alli's kidnapping. Jack investigates the clues and rescues Alli, but along the way he visits his past.

Van Lustbader, Eric. First Daughter. Forge Books (2009). 464 pages. ISBN 0765361426.

While this book was a good thriller, the religious aspect of the plot kinda took over the book. Also the jumping forward and backward between the present and Jack's past was hard to follow. I was disappointed by the ending and how the "bad guy" was caught. Although there is a good twist at the very end which the reader is able to figure out. DC is featured nicely and the local flavor is included in this book.

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