Thursday, September 13, 2012

BBAW - Pimp A Book

Today's topic for BBAW is to pimp up a book or author that needs more attention.

My choice is author Taylor Stevens who has written two books The Informationist and The Innocent. 

I first heard about Taylor at a book buzz session at a library conference.  Her book was described as  featuring a female Jason Bourne character. Plus she was a first time author which I like to support.  I picked up an ARC of The Informationist and promptly started to read it on my flight back home.

I was definitely not disappointed. Taylor's writing pulled me in and I "fell in love" with her main character Vanessa Michael Munroe.  The action was kept me at the edge of my seat, while at the same time I got to learn more about the characters backgrounds as well.

Earlier this year, Taylor released her second book The Innocent.  Again I was lost in Vanessa Michael Munroe's world. What was more amazing is that Taylor drew on her background to create this story line.

It looks like there is another book in the series due in 2013.  I can't wait to see what happens next to Vanessa Michael Munroe.

Just a few snippets of reviews :

“Impressive. . . . The gripping plot runs on adrenaline as much as does Vanessa, who unleashes her violent tendencies when the powerless are threatened. . . . Vanessa makes for an intriguing heroine—at once tough, fearless, vulnerable, and compassionate.” —Publishers Weekly
“Part Lisbeth Salander, part Jason Bourne, Munroe comes out swinging hard again. . . . A gritty, suspenseful novel.” —Library Journal

"Fans of thrillers who haven't yet discovered Stevens are in for a treat...Those who have eagerly awaited this sequel will be delighted to find the same intelligent writing, masterful pacing, and tense and fluid action scenes that feel ready-made for the cinema, and an intensely emotional core that lends Stevens' novel a depth not often found in the genre." —Associated Press


  1. You have me sold! These sound like great books.

  2. I actually have a copy of The Informationist on my shelf that I still haven't read. Sounds like I need to rescue it from the middle of the stack and move it up!

  3. I haven't read anything by Taylor yet, so thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Stumbled upon your blog this afternoon and just wanted to say thank you so much for the support! Very much appreciated.

  5. These sound good...thanks.

    I am still making my way through all the blogs on the list.

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