Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twenty: First Family - David Baldacci

Willa, the daughter of the First Lady's brother, is kidnapped from her home the night of her 16th birthday party. Her mother - Pam - is killed while her brother, her sister and her father are drugged.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell were on their way to Willa's house after being summoned by Pam, when they hear gunshots coming from the house. Michelle is able to get a few shots off at the suspects as they exit the garage before they get away. From that moment on, Michelle & Sean are on the case unofficially.

Sean helped the current President escape political scandal during his senatorial campaign. Jane - the First Lady - did not forget all that Sean did for her and her husband. She asks Sean and Michelle to lead their own investigation - separate from the FBI & Secret Service - into the whereabouts of Willa.

As Sean and Michelle start their investigation - they find out that first night that Sean met the President & the First Lady is very relevant to Willa's kidnapping. Michelle also has to fight off her own "demons" of her past and focus on a family murder investigation - her mother is murdered. In the end - everyone realizes that mistakes made in the past can sometimes come back to haunt you in the present.

David Baldacci's books are like my "chick-lit". I use them to escape reality. They are for pure entertainment and nothing more. First Family fell into this category well. While some of the plot lines were predictable, David knows how to hook his readers from the first page.

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