Monday, August 31, 2009

Twenty Two - Annette Vallon - James Tipton

This book explores finding your true love but not being able to be lovers in the open. Set during the French Revolution, Annette meets a poet, William Wordsworth, and falls in love with him. Annette ends up pregnant and has the baby while William is in England. While waiting for William to return to her, Annette helps many folks trying to escape prosecution leave France. She becomes known as the Blonde Chouanne. William returns to France a few years later with his sister to visit Annette and the child. During that visit, Annette realizes they will never be a proper couple.

Tipton, James. Annette Vallon. Harper Paperbacks. 528 pages. ISBN 0060822228.
This book was a quick read even though some of the plot twists were predictable. Though, the ending was not what I expected. I felt the last couple of chapters really jumped ahead just to finish out the plot and leave no loose ends. It was nice to read about another time period other than Tutor England.

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