Monday, August 31, 2009

Twenty Three - The Left Bank - Kate Muir

Madison, an actress from Texas, and her husband Olivier, a French philosopher, take their daughter Sabine to PlayWorld. She ends up disappearing after riding a roller coaster, which sends both Madison and Olivier into a panic. Katie Muir flashes back and explains how Madison & Olivier's marriage became strained as well as Sabine's relationship to her nanny - Anna. Anna ends up having an affair with Olivier while Madison realizes that she must embrace her age and play older characters. This book is a fictionalized look into a "celebrity" power couple's lives and how nothing is what it seems.

Muir, Kate. The Left Bank. Plume (2007). 352 pages. ISBN 0452288401.
One of the most strangest books I've read lately. Very soap operaish. Sometimes I felt like I was reading a harlequin romance or a gossip magazine. I picked this book because it was set in Paris, but the city was not featured very prodominently.

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