Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CBR4 #19 The Kissing List by Stephanie Reents

An inventive debut that recalls the imagination of Aimee Bender and the sardonic wit of Lorrie Moore. The interlocking stories in The Kissing List feature an unforgettable group of young women – Sylvie, Anna, Frances, Maureen – as their lives connect, first during a year abroad at Oxford, then later as they move to New York on the cusp of adulthood. We follow each of them as they navigate the treachery of first dates, temp jobs and roommates, failed relationships and unexpected affairs – all the things that make their lives seem full of possibility, but also rife with potential disappointment.  Shot through with laugh-out-loud lines, yet still wrenchingly emotional and resonant, The Kissing List is a book about women who bravely defy expectations and take outrageous chances in the face of a life that might turn out to be anything less than extraordinary.
Received an ARC copy of this book from a Read It First giveaway

This book is a collection of short stories that are kinda of connected to each other. Three of the stories I just couldn't get into and skipped. 

I liked the character driven stories and felt that Reents captured the different tones of each character really well. I could have read more stories about Slyvie, whom was one character I connected with.  It was interesting how all the characters seemed to just throw caution to the wind and experience life. 

This book is a decent read and I could see one or two of the stories turning into a movie or even a TV sitcom.

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