Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CBR4 #3 The Broken Teaglass - Emily Arsenault

In the maze of cubicles at Samuelson Company, editorial assistant Billy Webb struggles to focus while helping to prepare the next edition of a dictionary. But there are distractions. He senses that something suspicious is going on beneath this company’s academic fa├žade. What’s more, his (possibly) flirtatious co-worker Mona Minot has just made a startling discovery: a trove of puzzling citations, all taken from the same book, The Broken Teaglass. Billy and Mona soon learn that no such book exists. And the quotations read like a confession, coyly hinting at a hidden identity, a secret liaison, a crime. As Billy and Mona try to unearth the truth, the puzzle begins to take on bigger meaning for both of them, compelling them to redefine their notions of themselves and each other.
I bought this book based on a recommendation in a year-end best books read list.  Overall I thought this book was cute and an interesting look into the lexicographer world.  The author captured the essence of a small company office environment.  The discovery of different citations definitely kept the mystery flowing and captured my attention.  When the citations weren't the main focus, I got distracted and a tad bored following the "relationship" between Mona and Billy.

I felt the mention of Billy's cancer was more an after thought and not necessarily a plot twist. I appreciated the author putting the citations in order (actually having the characters put them in order).  I thought reading the final listing would be like rereading a section, but ultimately I caught more nuisances on the reread. 

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