Thursday, November 10, 2011

CBR3 #47: It's Classified - Nicolle Wallace

Charlotte Kramer, America’s first female president, is beginning her second term and is determined to make her mark on history though events do seem to be conspiring against her. Melanie Kingston, her best friend, just signed on as secretary of defense. Will their relationship survive? Dale Smith is the senior communications advisor to the vice president and knows a secret that could not only ruin her own career, but put the credibility of the White House on the line. Tara Meyers is the most popular vice president in recent history, but does her public image match her private life?

When a classified terror threat is made public, all the weaknesses of this presidency are laid bare—and with the country’s safety at stake, someone in the White House isn’t taking any chances.
From the bestselling author of Eighteen Acres comes a novel with a true insider’s look at the lives of Washington’s political elite. It’s Classified reveals the intrigue and drama that go on behind the closed doors of the White House and opens up a world few have access to. - Amazon
I was so excited a couple of weeks ago to see Rachel Maddow interview Nicolle Wallace about the latest election season and her new book. I really enjoyed Eighteen Acres and was curious to see how Wallace continued the story with these four characters.

Wallace makes an interesting decision to start the book at the climax of the plot and then flashback to the a few weeks before everything fell apart.  I found the new character, Tara, hard to relate to and her husband was a complete jerk.  I felt bad for Dale as her relationship with Peter fell apart.  I did feel that Craig befriending her just when she was vulnerable was a little suspicious.

I definitely missed the interaction between Melanie and Charlotte.  I also felt Charlotte and Peter getting back together was predictable, but I guess it is hard to date when you are the President. This book definitely is an interesting look at what activities a Vice President might have on a daily basis and how their staff helps spin their message.

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