Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CBR3-3: Miracles Can Happen - Mary Kay Ash

Book Club Pick - January

Mary Kay Ash, one of America's most dynamic businesswomen, lived her life with simple and timeless principles. Through her uncomplicated formula for success -- God first, family second and career third -- she achieved her dream.She inspired. She motivated. She cared. Mary Kay often said that if you expect great things, great things willhappen. So expect results. Expect success. Miracles happen. Mary Kay Ash knew when she created her dream company that its success would largely depend on the principles upon which it was founded. In her wisdom, she realized that by building a solid foundation, and never wavering from it, she would distinguish her company and set the stage for women to succeed for decades to come. Mary Kay herself said, "The Company bears my name, but it has a life of its own. The true success is the lives that have changed for the better." Today, the independent sales force wholeheartedly embraces Mary Kay's vision of enriching women's lives. Because she believed that women would understand and support her mission, her legacy will continue to grow, inspiring generations of women around the world to believe that miracles happen. - Amazon.com
 This book was originally written in 1981 and reprinted two more times after that.  Because of that fact, it was hard to really appreciate the statistics referenced because of how old they were.  I felt like the book read more like a self help book than a memoir.  I'm not a big makeup person and therefore had a hard time relating to Mary Kay.  I do admire her drive, ambition and leadership.  I think if I would have read this book at a different time in my career, I could have applied some of her tips.

Two quotes from the book that I liked:
  • p. 105 - A very good definition of a woman's needs.  From birth to age 14, she needs good parents & good health.  From age 14 to age 40, she needs good looks.  From age 40 to age 60, she needs personality.  From age 60 on, she needs cash.
  • p. 109 - When a woman behaves like a lady, she sets the stage, and as a result, men will conduct themselves as a gentlemen.

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