Saturday, October 9, 2010

Readathon - Hour 5 update

This hour hasn't been as productive.  Fiance is watching college football and I forgot to start my laundry earlier this morning. 

I did spend some time cheering other participants on.  Not much movement from my assigned list over the past hour, so I visited some other blogs linked on the main page.

I'm about 70% through my first book (Poison by Sara Poole).  Back to reading. 


  1. A limerick for inspiration:

    I hope that your day's going well,
    That the books you are reading are swell.
    A day for just reading
    (and mild competing)
    Will do us all good, I can tell!

    My husband is watching football too! I had to go to another part of the apartment and shut the door. I'm going to read, dang it! Have fun!!