Saturday, October 9, 2010

Readathon - Hour 2 update

  • read about 60 pages in my book (Poison by Sara Poole)
  • caught up on activity in inbox & tweets from readathon participants
  • looked through my list of blogs to cheerlead and posted some comments
  • participated in the first mini-challenge
  • got a bowl of cereal
Back to reading =)


  1. I'm about to start up some tasty treats as well. Food=happy readers :)

  2. We're just underway
    But I wanted to say
    I know you'll do a great job today

    Enjoy your read a thon!

  3. I'm a librarian, too. Sixty pages is great. Think you'll make it? I think you will.

    Will I make it? Unlikely, but I'll do my best.