Saturday, October 9, 2010

Readathon - Hour 16 update

So we literally just walked in the door from the dinner party.  My original thought was to start reading again when we got back, but I won't be able to function tomorrow if I do.

So I'm going to participate in a few mini-challenges and cheer on some folks and then end my Read-A-Thon experience.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day and got to read some great books!  Until next time...Happy Reading!


  1. Staying up all night is a tough one for sure. I will leave you with a thought from my daughter before you go though:

    "I just can't help myself Dad, when I see words I hafta read them." - 10 yrs old

  2. Psst….I’m still here! :D Are you?

  3. Great job! I couldn't stay up all night, that's for sure.