Monday, October 11, 2010

Fifty-one: Super Sad True Love Story - Gary Shteyngart

Lenny Abramov falls in love with Eunice Park one night in Rome at the end of a long vacation/work trip.  He convinces her to come back to US and stay with him in NYC.  Their romance buds as the political landscape becomes more volatile. In the end Lenny loses his love of his life.

Super Sad True Love Story is set in the future where everyone is addicted to this handheld device called apparat.  This device shares information about the owner and other people and allows folks to rate themselves real-time.  The book goes between diary entries of Lenny and GlobalTeen (like Facebook) messages from Eunice's account. 

The author clearly has opinions about how technology and public opinion influence our daily lives.  I'm not sure I understood all the pretexts and found the book to be overall strange. 

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