Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thirty-eight: Twelve Rooms With a View - Theresa Rebeck

Tina Finn is a screw up.  Her mother dies suddenly and leaves no will.  Tina and her two sisters - Lucy & Alison - find themselves inheriting an Upper West Side apartment with a view of Central Park.  In order to stake their claim on the apartment, Tina is forced to move in.  Her mother's step sons wan the apartment for themselves and cannot understand why their father left the apartment to his second wife - who was his housekeeper. The co-op board for the building wants to split up the apartment themselves and tries to evict Tina almost immediately.

As Lucy & Alison try to figure out the red tape surrounding the apartment, Tina tries to make friends with the co-op board.  Tina also explores the apartment more and finds a whole closet full of items from her mother's husband's first marriage.  From rare plants to false arrests to secret passages this historical apartment has much more in store than it first looks. 

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