Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mini-Challenge & Reading Update - Hour 3

I'm making good progress on my book in the last hour. I read about 60 pages and I'm about 45% through the book. The writing is good, but the plot hasn't taken off too much. It's still mostly background information.

I commented on a few fellow participants' blogs. It's good to see that everyone is making good progress on their reading.

Now on to this hour's mini-challenge hosted by Bobbie at Till We Read Again.

Please put your nominees for the following categories.
Favorite Female Character in a book: Emma from Jane Austin's Emma - because I can relate to her over and over again.
Favorite Male Character in a book: the character known as Oliver Stone in David Baldacci's Camel Club books because he's tried to forget his past so many times - but it always comes back into his life.
Favorite Side Kick in a book: This category is tough, but I'm going to say Hermione within the Harry Potter books because she knows how to be tough, smart and still tender at the right moments.
Favorite Couple in a Book: I would have to say two of Linda Fairstein's of main characters - Alex Cooper & Mike Chapman who are professionally friends - but still have a little chemistry going on behind the scenes.
Favorite Book Series: The Bobbsey Twins books - which I haven't read since I was a kid.
Favorite Author: David Baldacci - whom I've met in person once!
Favorite Book Cover: most recently - The Man Who Loved Books Too Much
Favorite Book of 2009: Colum McCann - Let the Great World Spin

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