Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hour 5 update

Wow - my book has gotten really interesting since my last post. I'm exciting to get back to reading.

Next mini-challenge is by Nicole who is asking for a food passage from one of the books we are reading. The book I'm reading (Eye of the Red Tsar - by Sam Eastland) is based in Siberia during the Stalin era. The main characters are investigating the murders of the Romanovs and don't have much food to eat. But here is one passage that does highlight a lovely dish:
Pekkala sat down beside his borther on the stone step. There was no
chicken left, but by working the wooden sppon around the edges of the pan, he
gathered up some of the sauce and a single jade green and translucent gooseberry
which his brother had been too full to eat. The still-warm, buttery sauce,
flecked with chopped parsley and thickened with fried bread crumbs, crunched
between his teeth. He tasted the sweetness of onion and the earthiness of
simmered carrots. They he let the gooseberry rest on his tongue, and
slowly pressed it against the roof of his mouth until the firm round edges gave
way, almost like a sigh, spilling warm, sharp-tasting juice into his mouth.

No picture for you, but I can link out to a recipe.

The second mini-challenge comes from Kate who asks what song would you choose to represent a chapter of the book you are currently reading. Hmm.. my book is based in Siberia - so right now I'm thinking dark, Russian music - since its focusing on the revolutionary time. But there was one particular scene in the book, where the main character rows his girlfriend out in a rowboat and admits that he loves her. They have a lovely dinner (which could have been another passage for Nicole's challenge above) on the shore of the lake. A few songs that could work for that scene could have been the "Theme from Love Story" or in a silly way "Kiss the Girl" from Little Mermaid.

Anyway - time to get back to reading =)

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  1. That sounds really good, even though I don't know what a gooseberry is. Good luck with your reading today.