Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Six - A Bad Day for Sorry - Sophie Littlefield

After killing her abusive husband, Ollie, with a wrench Stella Hardesty became a new woman. During the day she owns a sewing shop, but after hours she helps other women get out of abusive relationships through creative methods outside of the law.

One of her clients, Chrissy Shaw, shows up on her door step one morning and tells Stella that her son, Tucker, is missing. Chrissy thinks her husband Roy Dean took him. As Stella "investigates" the kidnapping she must sidestep the local sheriff, Goat, whom she has a crush on.

Stella finds out from Roy's brother- Arthur Junior - that Roy had gotten involved with a mob from Kansas City. Arthur Junior shows her where that mob hangs out in the local community. Stella ends up meeting up with an anonymous caller who claimed they had information on Roy Dean and Tucker. Instead, Stella ends up being beaten up by the local mob. From that moment on Chrissy vows to help Stella with the "investigation". Stella hesitates because she's lost a client before by letting them help.

Chrissy and Stella end up going to visit the mob outfit and find out where Tucker is. At the mob house they start a fire and lure them outside. Both heroines run into some trouble, but in the end all is worked out and Tucker is returned to Chrissy.

Sophie Littlefield is very resourceful with the plot and highlights the nuances of small town living. There is never a dull moment. This book is truly a page turner.

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