Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two - The Grift - Debra Ginsberg

grift - n. a group of methods used for obtaining money falsely through the use of swindles, frauds, etc.

gift - n. a special ability or capacity.

Marina Marks has been on the grift as a psychic since she was a child via detail observation and face reading. In Florida, she is being "threatened" by other psychics and being pushed out of the area. Mrs. Golden, one of Marina's long time clients, comes one day for a reading and ends up giving Marina her ruby ring to help protect her son from danger.

Marina uses the ring as collateral to move across the country to California. She decides to be a psychic at a private party in order to gain some new clients. There she meets
  • Cooper - a gay man in a relationship with Max - a closet gay man who thinks he is heterosexual
  • Claire - a stylist who is having an affair with a married man - Eddie
  • Madeline - the hostess of the party who is trying to become pregnant with her husband Andrew
One day a man arrives at Marina's office - Gideon - Mrs. Golden's son. Marina & Gideon start dating and slowly time for her clients dwindles. One night after making love, Gideon notices the ruby ring around Marina's neck. He questions her motives of why she stole the ring from his mother. Marina tries to explain that Mrs. Golden gave the ring to her. From that moment on - without the ring - Marina suddenly has "the gift" and starts to actually see visions of the future.

A fire at Marina's office, a death, two sudden pregnancies, and a jealous husband of a client changes Marina's business as a psychic and life forever.

This book was a quick read, but still left something to be desired at the end. Some plot points were able to be figured out before they happened.

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