Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thirty One - Turning Tables - Heather & Rose MacDowell

Jane loses her job at a marketing firm and ends up taking a waitress job at a trendy restaurant. She told her uncle that she knew how to wait tables, but really she's never been a waitress before. Fortunately, a fellow waiter takes her under his wing and trains her on everything she needs to know.

One night a young producer dines in Jane's area with his girlfriend. Despite getting their order wrong, something clicks and Jane and Daniel have a little moment. In the meantime, Jane hooks up with a line cook in the same restaurant until the Chef finds out about them.

Jane catches a ride home with Daniel one weekend and suddenly he is being sucked into a family gathering with ease and charm. One night a critic comes to the restaurant and ends up in Jane's section. Things do not go well and Jane ends up having to do extra prep and close work. After a long and frustrating day, Jane ends up at Daniel's apartment and the sparks fly.
In the end Jane quits the waitressing job and goes into business for herself.

MacDowell, Heather & Rose MacDowell. Turning Tables. Bantam Discovery (2009). 336 pages. ISBN 0440242339.
Cute, fun and easy to read = chick lit!

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