Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thirty Four - Divine Justice - David Baldacci

This book is the fourth in a series focusing on a group friends who call themselves the 'Camel Club'. Oliver Stone - aka John Carr - has just killed two important politicians. As he is escaping on a train, he ends up saving a young man - Danny - from being beat up and travels with him to Danny's rural home town of Divine, Virginia.

There Oliver hopes to "retire" in peace, but ends up caught up in a drug shipment business and being kidnapped and held in a maximum security facility. His Camel Club friends - Annabelle, Caleb & Reuben - come searching for him and end up running into Agent Knox who was sent by the CIA to bring Oliver in alive.

Baldacci, David. Divine Justice. Vision (2009). 560 pages. ISBN 0446544884.
Full of twists & turns, Baldacci closes up the Camel Club books well with this novel. The local town shines as much as the main characters themselves.

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