Monday, August 31, 2009

Twenty - The Taste of Sweet - Julie Chen

Joanne Chen took some columns that she wrote and combined them into an engaging book. I enjoyed that she was hands on and participated in some of the research studies and activities that she referenced. Joanne explains how everyone is a different level of taster and the taste map of the tongue. One chapter discusses how the concept of a refined palate was born. Genetic enhancement of flavors - specifically strawberries - is referenced. Another chapter focused on the perception that sweets are bad for you and make you fat. One final section explained the history of artificial sweetener.

Chen, Julie. The Taste of Sweet. Three Rivers Press (2009). 272 pages. ISBN 0307351912.
I found this book on the giveaway shelf at work and was immediately intrigued. Diabetes runs in my family and therefore I'm always watching the amount of sugar I'm eating. I learned a lot about sugar and its many forms. I also found a new genre of books - food literature - to explore and dive into. Two books that were referenced in this book which I'm looking forward to reading are True History of Chocolate and Mindless Eating.

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