Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sixteen - Saving Graces - Elizabeth Edwards

Saving Graces starts with Elizabeth finding a lump in her breast a few weeks before the end of the 2004 Presidential campaign. She explains how that discovery impacted both her and John.

Elizabeth lived wherever her father, a navy pilot, was stationed. She spent many years in Japan as well as Jacksonville, Florida and Annapolis, Maryland. She went to undergraduate school at University of Mary Washington and graduate school at University of North Carolina. At the end of the second year, Elizabeth decided to go law school and met John there. In 1977, they married during bar exam week.

A good portion of the book focuses on their son's unexpected death and how the family coped with that unfortunate accident. The last quarter of the book focuses on John's career in the Senate and eventually run for the presidency.

Edwards, Elizabeth. Saving Graces. Broadway (2006). 352 pages. ISBN 978-0767925372.
I admire Elizabeth Edwards immensely, but I had a hard time reading and relating to a big chunk of this book. I truly am amazed by her strength and courage to face her cancer head on as well as deciding to have more children after Wade died. Last August, Elizabeth and John made news again when he admitted to an affair during his 2008 Presidential campaign. I'm interested to read Elizabeth's second book, Resilience, which comes out in May and is supposed to address that affair.

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