Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eighteen - Murder in the Rue de Paradis - Cara Black

What would you do if you woke up the morning after you were proposed to and your fiancee is dead?

Aimee Leduc finds herself in this exact position. She decides to investigate who killed Yves, her fiancee. As her investigation continues she begins to envail a terrorist cell that is targeting a local Muslem leader. Vatel, a security guard who "witnessed" Yves' murder, is threatened to provide information to the local police or loose his immigration papers.

Aimee stops an assination attempt of the Muslem leader and suddenly becomes a target herself. A photo journalist helping Aimee is murdered at the train station. Aimee meets Vartel who takes her to meet a famous Turkish novelist who explains how the IKK and Yellow Cresent - two radical groups - interact.

Black, Cara. Murder in the Rue de Paradis. Soho Crime (2008). 288 pages. ISBN 1569474745.
This book is number 8 in a long time running series, but I felt that I could easily jump into this story without knowing the backstory of the main character - Aimee Leduc. The plot is fast paced and brings in a modern twist with the Turk/French hosilities. Excellent book and kept my attention the whole time.

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