Thursday, October 23, 2008

Biblio - what?

As any good librarian - I feel the need to explain the origin of this blog's title.

When thinking about starting a blog many titles came to maybe not. I knew that I wanted to have 'biblio' as part of the title because that is the Greek root of 'book'. And after all this blog's main content is to be book reviews.

I toyed with using 'book' or 'librarian' in another language - but libre revue or bibliothecaire espirt just didn't have the "sparkle" I was looking for.

A little browsing on the interwebs found me at a blog post pointing to a t-shirt with Bibliophibian on it. Reading the description that went with the t-shirt I knew I had found my title. The origin of the Bibliophibian term comes from a cartoon by David Malki.

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