Off the Shelf Challenge

Bookish Ardour is hosting a reading challenge focusing on reading books that have been sitting on your shelf.

This challenge starts in January, but here's the list of books from my shelf that I'm going to read as part of this challenge at the Trying level:

1. Always Looking Up - Michael J. Fox
2. Free for All - Janet Poppendieck
3. The Inner Voice - Renee Fleming
4. This is Your Brain on Music - Daniel Levitin
5. Beneath a Silent Moon - Tracy Grant
6. The Doctor and The Diva - Adrienne McDonnell
7. Harry The K - Randy Miller
8. The Empire of Shadows - Richard E Crabbe
9. American Bee - James Maguire
10. COMPLETE The Gendarme - Mark Mustian
11. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil  - John Berendt
12. The Zookeeper's Wife -Diane Ackerman
13. The Man From Beijing - Henning Mankell
14. COMPLETE All Facts Considered - Kee Malesky
15. Mary Tutor - Anna Whitelock

Off The Shelf!